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Launching Saturday Studio at Home - staying connected through art!


Saturday Studio - July & August 2020


Saturday Studio at Home!

Hello Saturday Studio families! We miss having you join us in Art Lab to create artworks and explore our exhibitions, but we will continue to connect, inspire, and create with you through Saturday Studio at Home. We have archived our weekly Saturday Studio sessions, just click on the link below and you can choose an activity that interests you.

We are excited to open the gallery doors and welcome you to our exhibition Small Gatherings which runs from July 24 to August 29. This is not only the first exhibition at the gallery since the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic, but it is also the first exhibition in our 2020/2021 inquiry What moves?

Click here to find out more about Small Gatherings, gallery hours and tours.

We are excited to share the work in this exhibition with you so every Saturday we will feature the work of one of the artists in Small Gatherings to inspire our investigations and creative activities. Through emails, Art Lab, Facebook, and Instagram we can stay in touch, share ideas and artwork!


 Featured Artwork for August 1


Charlotte Zhang,
The Lining, video, 2018. Collection of Nanaimo Art Gallery, donation of the artist.

Charlotte Zhang is an artist from Nanaimo, working primarily in film and video. Her works are experimental portraits of friends and places that examine personal rituals and collective histories. The Lining is a video artwork which depicts a Los Angeles teen as they spend time with family, friends and lovers, seeking counsel through intimate gatherings.

Investigate together!

Charlotte Zhang uses the camera to discover more about people. Zhang records long shots that show people talking, singing, and doing other ordinary activities. Sometimes the video is quiet but other times it has loud music. We are invited to listen to people when they are alone together inside of their homes or cars. What activities do you do when you are with your family inside your home? What do you talk about with your caregivers when you are brushing your hair, cooking, watching TV, or playing? What does it look like to watch a video of yourself and your family?



Saturday, August 1 ~ Minute Long Movies

Video artworks are different from the movies you see on TV or in theatres. Artists may choose to use video for many reasons: to show how time passes, or to demonstrate how objects move, or to show us something that happens in real life or their imagination. Charlotte Zhang’s film The Lining is like a portrait: you learn about her friend through seeing activities in their everyday life.


  1. Ask a caregiver to help you find a camera or any device that has a camera: a cell phone, laptop, tablet, etc. 

What to do:

  1. Invite someone in your home to do an activity with you. Does grandpa need help with the dishes? Does your sibling want to make a drawing with you? Do your parents need help styling their hair? 
  2. Pick a place to set up your camera. Make sure that you are in the frame so the camera can capture your activity. Do you want the camera to be very close to you or across the room?
  3. Press record and let the camera shoot video for one full minute.

What does it feel like to watch yourself do an activity with someone else? Did you speak about anything together? Does it look like you thought it would? Did you look at the camera while it recorded or did you try to pretend it wasn’t there? Did you like where you placed the camera or do you want to move the camera and try again? What do different activities look like when they are filmed?

Share with us! Email your video to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tag us on social media #artlabnanaimo for a chance to be featured on our channels!

Have fun, stay connected and stay safe!


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