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Art Lab offers two Saturday Studio sessions tailored to kids ages 5-7 and 8-12. Participants will connect with artists, experiment with materials, learn new techniques, and have fun with art making.

Every Saturday 
Ages 5-7: 9:30 am - 10:30 am
Ages 8-12: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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Supplies included

$12 per child | $20 for 2 siblings
To register call 250.754.1750Location: Art Lab at Nanaimo Art Gallery, 150 Commercial Street. 

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June 29 ~ Urban Creature Graphics

Let's create colourful stylized images of the creatures that share our urban neighbourhoods! Working from found images, we will practice observational drawings of squirrels, raccoons and deer and then illustrate with graphic markers on cardstock.  

July 6 ~ Summer Critter Portraits

Summer is here and so are petunias, hydrangeas, and our friendly, brightly coloured summer insects. We will glue images of summer flowers together onto wooden boards. Taking inspiration from honey bees and butterflies, we will draw our own summer critters with pastel to cut out and place over our backgrounds!

July 13 ~ Fairy Tale Pop Art

Saturday Studio kids will explore traditional and modern fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood and The Night Fairy. We will read these exciting stories and take inspiration from them to draw our own fun characters using graphic marker and coloured pens on square panels. 

July 20 ~ Let's Investigate Estuary! 

Saturday studio kids will become art investigators and, with clipboard and pencil in hand, explore our new exhibition in the gallery, Estuary. We will interpret and illustrate the various ways different generations of nature, history, and people come together in the places between the land and sea. 

July 27 ~ Driftwood Creatures

Saturday Studio kids will visit the gallery space and investigate Tau Lewis' installation look how long I've been crying to get to you! Taking inspiration from Lewis' work, we will make assemblage sculptures out of found and reusable objects and fabrics. We will play with composition and materials to recycle our items into brand new constructions that shine, and embellish them with buttons, fasteners, and colour!

August 3 ~ Flora Graphics

Saturday Studio kids will examine native flora from Vancouver Island and BC. After looking at Tania Willard and Steven Thomas Davies' video Study for a Return to Feasting, we will use coloured inks, brayers, and printing plates to create abstract and fun graphic images inspired by our local plantlife.  

 August 10 ~ Create Your Own Estuary

Saturday Studio kids will visit the gallery space and examine images and ideas of how animals, people, and information come together in an estuary. Using cardboard and pastels, we will build up our own topography of where rivers meet the sea. To embellish, we will use markers to colour and create backgrounds and inhabitants that will fit into our dioramas to liven up our estuarine environments!

August 17 ~ Zany Video Portraits

After a visit to the gallery viewing Charlotte Zhang's video, Pine Street Now and Again, we will create our own video stills inspired by her work. Experimenting with digital projection, and playing with zany costumes and props, Saturday Studio kids will pose in front of backdrops and bring their scenes to life! We will document the process with fun photographs that can be taken home.

August 24 ~ Story Sculptures

Inspired by Tau Lewis' work with soft organic sculpture, Saturday Studio kids will play with materials to create fun and imaginative assemblage. Together we will tell stories using our zany, colourful constructions.

August 31 ~ Underwater Explorations

Before we say goodbye to Estuary, we will take inspiration from the artists' explorations of underwater habitats. Saturday Studio kids will take up their brushes to create imaginative watercolour paintings full of vibrance and life. 

Do you have a LEAP card? Your child may be eligible for a bursary. Two LEAP spots are available each week; one per family. Each family is welcome to use up to 2 LEAP spots per month. 

Maximum program enrollment is 12 students. All phone reservations must be paid prior to 5 pm the Friday before Saturday Studio. Walk-in payments are accepted until 9:15 am Saturday if space allows.  



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